2GRFE and the Infamous DQ250.... What's the deal?

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2GRFE and the Infamous DQ250.... What's the deal?

DQ250 Adapter Plate

What is the deal with all the DQ250 talk lately?  Well it turns out that dual clutch transmissions are making there way through the market now as a new hot transmission to go on track cars.  This is similar (but not really) to a sequential, but its completely controlled by electronics.  It is new and exciting and in the very near future, it will be available.

What has Engineer Freely been up to then?  A lot... And for many months.  I am developing a kit for the MR2 (and of course can be adapted to other vehicles).  Currently, I have parts on hand for test fitment, parts in manufacturing, and parts in design.  Its a long journey and hopefully a successful one.


So what does the swap entail?

  •  Adapter Plate (to adapt the transmission bolt pattern to the engine and have perfect alignment)
  • Flywheel / Flywheel adapter (I am testing both ideas.  I have a SMF on hand with a stock DMF adapter in works.)
  • Intermediate Shaft/Carrier Bearing Mount (custom shaft to act like OEM Toyota)
  • Custom Axles
  • Custom Mounts
  • Gearbox Controller (some way to control the Gearbox)
  • Engine Controller (some way to blip throttle and timing retard)
  • Probably a lot more...



With that being said, the goal is to release a turn key mechanical swap (the electronics can be purchased from those manufactures).  I am in the process of testing and manufacturing.  I hope to start track testing by late summer time.


Stay tuned for more!

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