Axle Information

The DQ250 (DSG) swap for the 2GRFE and 2ARFE require custom axles.  At this time there are no off the shelf solutions that exist.  With the Toyota engines, you need to switch to an intermediate shaft (versus the stock output shaft flanged hub since its interferers with the block castings on both engines).  Engineer Freely has a custom intermediate shaft assembly available.

  • EF Intermediate Shaft
  • EF Seal  Adapter
  • EF Bearing Carrier (2GRFE or 2ARFE)

dq250 intermediate shaft

After converting the transmission to have an intermediate shaft, now we have to choose our axle designs.  At this point we can go to any custom manufacturer of drive shafts (such as Driveshaft Shop) to make the following combination:

  • LEFT: SW20/SW21 Outer and GTI Inner at ?.?? inches long.
  • RIGHT: SW20/SW21 Outer and Honda Integra (any 27 spline Honda) Inner at ?.?? inches long.

If your vehicle is not a SW20 MR2, you can replace the outer CV splines with your chassis.

Another option is using Engineer Freely's custom axle setup.  The idea behind this idea was to eliminate the need for a custom driveshaft shop.  It utilizes Porsche 930 28 spline CV joints.  There are many parts to purchase to make this setup work.  Some are made by Engineer Freely and some are off the shelf. 

DSG MR2 axles

Here is a complete list of parts:

  • 1x EF Outer SW20 turbo 930 hub kit
  • 1x EF Inner 27 spline to 930 hub kit
  • 1x EF 930 28 spline 300m CV axle kit
  • 4x Empi 86-2227 boot
  • 4x Empi 87-5870 steel end cap
  • 12x Empi 87-5871 torque washer
  • 4x Kartek KTK8693020 1/2 long flange
  • 4x 930 plunging CV joints (your choice of which ones you want)
  • 24x M10x1.5x60mm axle bolts (such as McMaster 91502A231)
  • CV Grease such as Redline CV Grease

 This will allow you to assemble your entire axle kit without buying from a CV axle shop.


MR2 custom axles

dsg axles

dq250 mr2 axles