DQ250 Modifications

The DQ250 must be modified to fit the SW20 chassis as well as the 2GRFE and 2ARFE.  The effort was put into not modifying the engine block or chassis at all so the attention was focused on the DQ250.

1) Seal Adapter Modification

The DQ250 axle snout protrudes into the engine block, therefore the end user must remove some of the length of the snout.  Additionally, the DQ250 seal is very large to where a shaft to fit the seal also hits the engine block.

Therefore the easiest fix is to fit a smaller seal and cut the snout back.

The snout to be cut is show below.


Insert the sacrificial plug into the snout. 


We will be cutting up to the plug but first we need to measure the edge of the snout to the plug to get a measurement.  Transfer this measurement onto the outer portion of the snout to use as a guide to cut.

dsdg axle snout



Remove plug from snout.  Coat the inside of the snout and the plug liberally with a sticky grease.  This allows the plug to stick to the transmission during modification and captures aluminum dust that may try to enter the transmission.

Re-insert the plug and ensure its seated firmly.   Wrap the transmission in a blanket or bag to keep aluminum dust from getting everywhere with the next step. Using a cutoff wheel, Dremel, grinder, or oscillating saw, cut the snout UP TO the plug.  Failure to cut up the plug will result in the transmission not seating correctly to the adapter plate/engine.  

DQ250 axles

Clear area very well and take very careful measure not to get any dust into the transmission. The seal area should look like below when completed.


Clean and degrease snout.  It helps to have the transmission snout tilted up a little bit to ensure any leftover oil in the DQ250 wont drain onto the snout during this time.


After the transmission is dry and no oil is seeping into the seal area, it is time to install the seal adapter.  You can weld the seal adapter in if you prefer.  This guide will show you how to use Loctite 638 retaining compound.  The retaining compound is made to lock the seal adapter in place and seal any oil from seeping out around the seal.  This is used in a lot of industrial situations.


 Apply Loctite 638 to seal and install into snout.  Rotate seal to smear the compound around 360 degrees.


Once you are finished allow at least 24 before handling and 72 hours before filling with oil.

 dq250 axle modification


2. Transmission Mount Modification 

With the purchase of the Engineer Freely Driver Mount, you will need to modify the transmission mounting bosses.  One of the mounting bosses needs to be removed to fit the rubber isolator.   Luckily this is a quick modification that can look very OEM when done correctly.

DQ250 Modification Toyota MR2

Located the correct mounting hole to remove.

DSG mounting holes


Cut the aluminum mounting boss with a saw, oscillating saw, cut off wheel or any other method.

2grfe dsg


Final results

2ar/2gr dsg


As you can see, now the mount will clear the transmission.

MR2 DSG mount