2GRFE and the Infamous DQ250.... What's the deal? pt2

2GRFE and the Infamous DQ250.... What's the deal? pt2

Moving forward with the design and build of the DQ250 and the 2GRFE combination...


Well that is pretty, isn't it? 

But how did we get here?  I picked up another 2GRFE because I did not want to design the kit with block modifications like my previous pictures showed.  It was extensive (albeit probably just fine for block integrity), but I knew that the least amount of engine grinding the better.  So with a little (I mean tiny) modification to the DQ250 transmission, it bolts up perfectly.

DQ250 mounted to 2GRFE

 Now that we have the mating of the gearbox to the engine progressing, can we spin it over?  I attached the flywheel, clutch basket, starter, and the bellhousing to confirm the alignment.  Remember, this was originally scanned with a laser and then designed in CAD.

2GRFE DQ250 Flywheel SMF

My heavy single mass flywheel (SMF) shown above.  Although I really plan on executing a dual mass flywheel plan for production, this is at least allowing me to progress in my build.

Gearbox mated to the 2GRFE

The flywheel and clutch basket alignment look good.  The engine spins over freely, no issues by hand.  It is probably time to through the starter on it and make sure everything engages.


And it works!


Obviously a lot more to come.  This is an exciting time as we have just proven the compatibility of the DQ250 and the 2GRFE.  I have more parts being manufactured right now (axles, bearing carrier, mounts, etc).  So stay tuned for part 3.

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