2GRFE and the Infamous DQ250.... What's the deal? pt3

2grfe, dq250, mr2 -

2GRFE and the Infamous DQ250.... What's the deal? pt3

By now, we should have an idea if this is actually going to be a feasible option right?  


Yes it is.  The DQ250 fits like a glove.  There is a little less room on the driver side frame rail, but since it doesn't touch and there is enough room to let the engine rotate, I count this as a win.  Phew, this is the one I have been sweating.

2gr mounted to dq250 in engine bay


And the other question that has come up many times is the subframe... does the subframe fit?  

2grfe dq250 subframe


Indeed it does.  Now the whole idea of this transmission swap is a real viable option. 

Since all the hearsay has been answered, and incorrect rumors have been squashed, we can now move on! 

We need to get the engine off jacks so we can let it hang as normally.  First up is the driver side engine mount.  This is a tricky one since the DQ250 gearbox is physically taller than the E153.  This poses a problem with the mount as there is not enough room to have the stock rubber mount bolt on.  Additionally, there is a breather vent on the DQ250 that needs to be avoided.  So I laser scanned the area and 3D printed a test mount.

3d printed DQ250 mount

As you can see the bushing was offset here for extra clearance.  I later found out I could make a larger concentric bushing (not as large as the stock rubber).  But for testing the fitment, I had what I needed.

DQ250 in MR2 engine bay

Fitment looks spot on.  I remeasured clearances around it and now can make a determination of the final design.

That it it for now!  More to continue with the other mounts, axles, flywheels etc.

I will leave you with a few random photos.

2grfe SW20 MR2 with DQ250

2grfe dq250 adapter plate

2grfe dq250 flywheel mr2

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