2GRFE and the Infamous DQ250.... What's the deal? pt5

2grfe, dq250, mr2 -

2GRFE and the Infamous DQ250.... What's the deal? pt5

Alright this is the biggest update yet.  I left the last blog post as a bunch of "here's to come non-sense."  Well we accomplished a lot.

Let us start with the engine mounts.

The driver mount went from 3D printed trial fitment to a beautiful machined piece with Frankenstein Motorwork's rubber isolator.  It came out perfect.



DSG MR2 mount

And the fitment is top notch.  This turned out really nice.

dsg mr2 mount


And on the topic of mounts, we have the rear mount which turned into a bent steel plate with some welding.  Simple, but works great.  It uses any SW20 turbo rear isolator.


rear dsg mr2 mount


The front is going through some design phase right now.  I am deciding if I want to make the front the same was as the rear or make machined parts for it.  

 front dsg mount for mr2

Okay so now that its all mounted.. we need to make the axles.   This was another incredibly difficult task.  The intermediate shaft has been nearly finalized  and the intention with this design was to allow anyone to go to DSS and get some axles made (or any shaft company since it uses SW20 outers and GTI (left) and Integra (right) inners) but the lead time for DSS is so long that I wanted another option.

 So here we go... some axles.

dsg 2grfe axles


This was no easy feat.  From left to right it uses: EF outer CV hub, 930 CV joint, 930 28 spline axle bars (custom sized), 930 CV joint, EF 930 to 27 Honda spline hub, EF intermediate shaft.

The outer 930 CV stubs are a new part I made that allows the 30 spline turbo hub (v6 Camry too) to bolt directly to any 930 CV.  A few adjustments to this piece for the production unit but its will work as is!

sw20 930 axle outer

And for the other side, the Honda spline to 930 adapter.

930 honda 27 spline

And lastly, the bearing carrier to hold it together.

dsg 2grfe bearing carrier


We also have a new flywheel and adapter plate.  Its about 11.5lbs and the adapter plate has been updated for some of the issues I found prototyping.

dsg 2grfe flywheel


So with all that being said, stay tuned for the next update!

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