Pre-Order for the MR2 / Boxster Brake Kit is live!

Pre-Order for the MR2 / Boxster Brake Kit is live!

 You can pre-order here.

You asked for it and here it is.   Finally after almost 5 years of not being available, it now is!  Back in 2017 I built a custom Boxster (non-s) adapter kit for the MR2.  After several dozens of messages about making this kit available, it finally is.

MR2 Brembo Boxster Caliper Kit

So what is this MR2 Boxster Kit?  Well, as you know, the Porsche Boxster came with Brembo calipers.  Boxster "Non-S" (2.5/2.7L) has smaller calipers than the "S" version.  Boxster Non-S calipers are available everywhere and are properly sized for the MR2 with the right rotors.

I have created a kit that adapts the MR2 spindles to the Porsche Boxster Non-S Brembo calipers using RX8 (standard suspension) front rotors and Gen 1 Toyota RAV4 front rotors (yes these go on the rear).  This combination matches the brake bias requirements, as well as matches the Brembo rotors physical size.  Additionally, this allows you to use a 16" wheel (some say even a 15" is possible).

16" R32 Wheel with MR2 Boxster Kit

A 16" R32 wheel is shown with ample room to maybe fit a 15"?

So what does the kit include?  Well I am selling a front kit and a full kit at this time.

You will receive steel plated caliper adapters, brake lines, rotor rings (front only since the RX8 hub bore is larger than the MR2) and fasteners.

MR2 Brembo Caliper Adapters
The caliper adapters are made from a high strength steel and are zinc plated for protection. 
Stay tuned for more information.  You can pre-order here.

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