2GRFE / DQ250 DMF Flywheel Adapter *PRE-ORDER Round 2*

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First batch is sold out, thank you everyone.

Second batch is expected mid August.


Made from a 4140 Chromoly Steel and weighs approximately 4lbs, this flywheel adapter is made to work with the stock 8 bolt DMF VW DQ250 flywheel.  Comes with ARP bolts and Grade 12.9 bolts for all the attachment points.  Recommended the use of Loctite during installation.  

Also note, the flywheel is "keyed" with a not perfectly symmetrical bolt pattern.  You will need to rotate the flywheel until all 8 bolt holes line up.

This will allow for a more stock feel and remove the low rpm 1/2 gear jerkiness that we get with the light weight flywheels.