SW20 MR2 Spherical Bearing Bushing Kit

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The kit will include all the items needed for installation.  You will reuse your bolts to connect the arms to the chassis.

These are "Press In" inserts (but a large vice does work).  These use FK bearings (very high quality, same ones in Wilhelm's kit also).  Each bushing is made from 6061-T6, hardcoat anodized.  The bearing inserts are made from SS304 and then passivated.
  1. Front LCA Spherical Inserts (comes with FK Bearings)
  2. Rear LCA Spherical Inserts  (comes with FK Bearings)
  3. Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Inserts  (comes with FK Bearings)
  4. Trailing Arm to Rear LCA solid bushings (comes with new nuts and washers)


I wrote an article about the spherical bearings and how it compares to poly bushings.