SW20 MR2 Wilwood Proportional Valve 260-11179 Adapter Kit

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This allows you to remove your factory proportional valve and bolt in a Wilwood Proportional 260-11179 (link) 

The Wilwood Proportional Valve is not included

Turbo Proportional valve for non-abs vehicles are extremely hard to find, so I made this adapter to be able to use an off the shelf part to correctly dial in my brake bias.


What does it included?

  • 1x Adapter bracket, made from 6061-T6, Hardcoat Anodized
  • 1x Fastener Kit.
  • (optional) 5x  BQ50 Adapters made by BrakeQuip (allows you to use your existing lines with slight bending and adapt them to the Wilwood Proportional Valve

The BQ50 adapters are sold separately.  You can purchase them here. You can also get them through me as an add on option.  These will need to be ordered and will take 1-2 weeks to get. I recommend to just order these separately. 


I have this on my 1994, N/A, NON-ABS vehicle.  I believe all NON-ABS vehicles  would be able to use these as is.  I was able to slightly bend the lines to fit correctly.  Please review the picture below to see how the orientation is.

Wilwood MR2 Adapter

Now, you can probably use this on an ABS vehicle with the stock lines, however at this time it is not confirmed....but you can be the first!  Another option is to make new lines to correctly route everything.