GARAGE SALE - FA500 Coilovers for SW20

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Up for sale is my Fortune Auto FA500 6th generation coilovers for the SW20 MR2. These have minimal use (probably less than 2000 total miles since 2018 when I bought them. The car sits 99% of the time so they only have a handful of track days on them. Since it does sit outside, some of the coatings on the coilovers has flaked off. Recently I took them apart to clean up the surface rust and add helper springs on the rear and touched up black on the areas of the shock body that the electroplating came off.
None of this affects performance and all cosmetic. Additionally I "professionally" ground the rear bottom of the knuckle mount of the coilover that makes contact with the SW20 body under high camber and also enlarged the slots on the mounting ears to allow more camber. This actually just helps performance.
Generation 6 FA500 Coilovers
Swift Springs 6kg/8kg
Swift Helper rear springs
Radial Bearings for front
FA top hats
Currently installed on car (hence the photos) but can pull them off in 2 weeks or less.