DSG Handbook


I imagine you ended up here because of your interest in the DSG transmission. So what is a DSG? DSG is a “direct shift gearbox” made by the Volkswagen/Audi group (VAG) based. It utilizes 2 clutches that are electronically controlled for lightning fast shifts. BMW DCT, Porsche PDK, and others make similar gearboxes.

Why would want to use this instead of a sequential? Mainly cost would be a factor. The DSG swap should be half of what a sequential would cost in the end. You can also pick up spare transmissions for the DSG for under $1000 versus rebuilding an entire gearbox for the sequential. There are many pros and cons for each setup and I will let you determine which is right for you.

So what is DQ250? This is the specific gearbox we will be installing. There are many flavors of VAG gearboxes out there but the one that is readily available in the United States is the DQ250, specifically any MK5, MK6, or MK7 DQ250 DSG gearbox would work with this swap. DQ500 is out of the question right now since it only came in AWD with the TTRS and RS3. This gearbox is nearly unobtainable for a decent price right now.

For the DSG swap, we will need to solve a few tasks, such as mechanical installation, electrical installation, and software installation. While all 3 of these tasks can see daunting, if we break it down into bite size pieces, it really will not be that difficult. However, just note that this is not a simple task. We are installing a transmission that was never designed to work outside of the Volkswagen/Audi group’s eco system. But with the help of a few key companies, it has become possible.

Let’s break down the workflow of how to do this installation. You must start with a 2GRFE swapped car.


  1. Old Component Removal (mechanical)

  2. Transmission Preparation (mechanical)

  3. Transmission Preparation (electrical)

  4. Wiring (electrical)

  5. Transmission Bench Test (software)

  6. New Component Installation (mechanical)

  7. First Start / Transmission Oil Fill (mechanical)

  8. Software Configuration Implementation (software)

  9. Adaptations (software)

  10. Drive (you)

 So it is just that simple!  Sort of.  You really need to read through all the available documentation and use my guide as a supplementation.  I have created many different repositories of information but I highly recommend reading thoroughly over and over the following:

HTG Wiki - if you choose to use the HTG for your transmission controller or not, it is filled with information on how the dual clutch transmissions work and react to different inputs.  It is worth while. 

HTG FB Page - Tons of additional information, search your questions because a lot of the time it has come up..

HTG Youtube channel - More information here

MaxxECU DSG - mainly needed if you want to use the MaxxECU to control the gearbox instead of the HTG but still good information on how things work together.

Seems Legit Garage - Specifically this DBW Mod post but they have a lot of good articles there.


I will have a "configuration" file for the typical Toyota MR2 2GRFE with stock ECU swap with specific wiring to make it easier.  It will be based on the Closed Loop parameters so basically even after you load up the file, you still need to go through the motions of letting the car learn how to shift.  You can adjust settings as needed to make it shift faster or slower.  More on that later.